Digital Photography

I became enchanted with movement early in my career. Movement of medium, action, conception, process. Even the physical movement of gazing at an artwork, of turning one’s head, one’s body, to better see it from all angles, all vantages. It was ultimately through movement that I found my true muse, my inner child, myself as artist. Only then could I start creating something truly unique, absolutely unmanipulated photographs – that cannot be created without movement. They can only be made with the movement of my own body.

I include in the details of the image “Unmanipulated” to stress that although the image represents a whole motion in various forms, it is in fact a moment captured including atmosphere, energy, smell, sound, sight. I include the place (destination) of the image to direct thought to the bridge, the act of moving across and over, but also the bridge named after a river, which runs through a large part of Scotland. This accentuates ideas of teleportation and travel across the world, the universe.

When I think of a destination, of travelling, I think first of the journey, of the process. In this artwork I used process (movement) to capture a destination. The image has a feel of a worm-hole or vortex – a tear in space and time to a new dimension. Instant travel.

The lines that follow the lines of the Taxi allude to waves of energy travelling through and between destinations. The whole journey caught in one atmospheric image, the act of teleportation. The vibrations and shadows of places passing by as we look forward.

The back of the Taxi represents a pathway, a tunnel. Drawing you closer, calling you to enter this new reality, to move over the threshold into what awaits. The dark shadow also has a figurative feel, and alludes to you the voyager, the traveller, the explorer.

hope to hit the target

of lines set out as


forged paths we follow

on journeys



between destinations

may it never come to a stop

this drive from my gut to steer

the process

the journey

we embark on to reach

different sides, different choices

different goals, different destinations

choosing this path or that

reveals a different landing place to harbour

to anchor

this intense purpose to move


from this to that,

from here to there.